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“He did smile and laugh…”

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2012 at 1:15 am

Tulane’s football coach Curtis Johnson gave reporters an update on his senior defensive player Devon Walker. On Saturday, Walker broke his neck in a head-to-head collision with a teammate against Tulsa. After visiting with Walker, Coach Johnson said “he did smile and laugh.” Those are encouraging words. Devon, through adversity, found it in him, found it in his faith, to smile and laugh through the pain and the unknown he is experiencing.

We face adversity and challenges of different sizes, shapes, and magnitude. On this 11th anniversary of 9/11, I think about the adversity and great loss we experienced that day. Some of us experienced loss more personally and more intimately than others, but we, as a country, lost something that day. And some 11 years later, we remain steadfast and resilient despite adversity. We remember. We fight for healing. We somehow smile and laugh. This is our way to claim the love, memories, and peace, for our understanding will soon arrive.

Many prayers to you Devon as you recover. And many prayers to the victims and their families as we commemorate 9/11.


“It’s On”

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The fresh crisp air; fall is quickly approaching and yep, football is back. The bruising, the punishment, the gasp, oohs and ahhhs, the unbelievable, the remarkable, the “catch of the year” in the first game of the season. It is time for the unexpected, the protested, the “can you believe that just happen?” Through it all, football embodies the excitement, entertainment and thrill that keep me coming back for more. Yep, or wait, is that politics? Last week was the Republican National Convention, this week the Democratic National Convention. Head-to-head action, bruising blows, half-time adjustments, strategies and games.

This week’s DNC, one question, can it outdo Dana Owens’ (aka Queen Latifah) singing the national anthem??? Therefore, it begins, the jostling, the maneuverings, the back and forth. What can Romney do for you? Can you afford another 4 years of Obama?

The sports enthusiast in me loves it; the realist in me understands that this is not a zero-sum game. Moreover, the future has never looked so bright or bleak, depending on whom you listen to. And so, we will watch for the illegal hits and contact. We will watch the replacement refs with keen eyes. But when it comes to the vote, we can ill afford to watch with keen eyes alone: watch, educate, and act. Regardless of your views, in this representative democracy that makes us so great, we employ politicians. Let us not lose sight of the prize: preserve democracy, preserves our voice.