“Let’s straighten it out…”

In Uncategorized on April 12, 2012 at 10:26 am

Trayvon. Skip Bayless. Petrino. Justice. No Justice. Hoodies. Romney. These are what’s trending in my discussions and dialogues with friends and colleagues. We watch, captivating and riveting dialogues, and through it all, we talk about where we are going, where we are coming from, and how far we have come. And still, when I watch or read media, it amazes me that many of us cannot or will not have discussions that challenges our philosophies or traditions, no matter what side of the issue one may sit. Depending on where you sit, Trayvon Martin’s death was a result of racism and fear, while George Zimmerman, the now recently arrested accused murderer is finally brought to justice. Or Zimmerman was “standing his ground” as he was defending his neighborhood, but more importantly his safety. According to Geraldo Rivera, Trayvon, and young minorities like him, should never think about wearing hoodies because it does evoke a fear in people that they will be attacked.

As we wait on the George Zimmerman trial to play out, we are left wondering…what happened, what didn’t happened, where’s the truth? with Trayvon Martin? with George Zimmerman? But what cannot be denied is that for young Black and Brown boys and teenagers, they are the center of discussions because some in society fear them, some fear for them because they are disappearing from the educated halls and classrooms and appearing all too regularly in early graves or prisons. Unfortunately, because of Trayvon we are now talking about the many challenges Blacks and Browns or teens in general who may appear threatening to many of us in society for whatever reason. And this hopefully will open our eyes to the missing kids, a missing future. And still, the challenge left for us is how best to have sensitive proactive discussions without falling to stereotypes, biases and prejudices, or even outright hate to validate our positions, actions/behaviors, or attitudes.


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