“My Mississippi”

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Two versions of “My Mississippi.” One Black, one White. David Banner’s Mississippi Mixtap Vol. 1 or his album Mississippi. Jeff Bates’ song “My Mississippi.” Regardless of the point of view, regardless of the musical tastes one may have, these artists talk about Mississippi and how the state–or better yet, the people have made their experiences in Mississippi memorable.

Mississippi has been in the news quite a bit lately. Some coverage good, others not so good. From a highly controversial death of a Jackson man to the premiere of The Help, Mississippi is again commanding the spotlight around the issue that seemingly continue to be a sore spot, to say the least. Race. Mississippi is not the Mississippi my mother grew up in, definitely not the one my grandmother knew. My Mississippi has come to shape my life and experiences. My Mississippi continues to wear the shameful past of old…And yet, while stereotypes abound, I know that I have chosen to stay in My Mississippi because our pasts are so intertwined, our future is based on these intricate relationships, and to know that My Mississippi has matured so great that I fully participate without the shame of wearing separate and unequal.

No place is perfect, no state is without its very own regional, economic, or race issues; it is played out differently, but seemingly Mississippi is branded as the worst of the worst because of its past. While Mississippi sheds the skin of the old, it is leading the nation in the number of interracial marriages, according to the American Community Survey (click here for New York Times Article). Again, we are not perfect, yet, the largest number of gay couples who raise children raise them in the Deep South (Mississippi included).

So think twice when you think of the closed Mississippi of before; well, My Mississippi is a lot more…

  1. Kesha or Dr. Perry,

    I do enjoy your blog.

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