Both Predictable and Unpredictable: That is the Face of Change

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 6:05 am

The old adage—the only guarantees in life are death and taxes—let’s add change to that as well. Change is constant, consistent, and guaranteed or it can reflect instability, it can be both planned and unexpected. No matter what may happen, even when we try to prevent it or when we least expect it, change is inevitable. Change can be good, bad, or just plain old indifferent. And so how we react is based on our perception of how that change could affect us; and all the while, change speaks to the character of who we are, were, and going to be. So when I look to Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, Smithville, or even Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and Mississippi Gulf Coast, all I see is that those areas will never be the same; they’ve changed in character and in form. Records rainfall, snowfall, tornadoes, floods, and so we are left with what happens afterwards.

Rebuilding will not be simple; and we truly do not know the future effects. Analysts can predict, but they can only do what humans typically do not like most—realizing that change requires us to be patient, even if said change was rapid, we have to wait, measure, and gauge what the herein now looks like and what does this mean for the future. Did I ever expect seeing a great flood? Nope. Read about the Great Flood in 1927, even seen pictures. Did I ever think that record numbers of tornadoes would slam Mississippi to the degree that they did? Nope. Neither did I anticipate tornadoes affecting 52 of Mississippi’s 82 counties; leaving a clear path of destruction behind. And so, through this change–many have lost material possessions, loved ones, jobs, but I pray they, better yet we, have not lost sight that even through destruction, with each step, each hour, each day, and on and on—we can inspire the other to regroup, donate, assist the best we know how, do what we can to change the worst we have ever seen for the better.


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