Let’s Major in the Major

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2010 at 9:18 pm

I heard a Pastor challenging his congregation to think and act beyond mediocrity. Of his 8 years in the pulpit at this church, the Pastor said he observed the congregants and came to this conclusion: “we major in the minor and minor in the major.” Essentially, the congregation had become bogged down by the small things and allowed the significant aspects of living escape them. I would like to borrow this line from the Pastor; I believe we all are guilty of doing this from time to time, if not a little too often. While we sometimes get bogged down with the minor stuff, sometimes all a person needs is a hero.

A hero, well my definition of it at least, does what’s right even when no one’s looking or thinking about looking at them. A hero faces adversity gracefully, and sees the end goal rather than the obstacle; a hero sees the world differently than anyone else and continually marches to his or her own drum. Sometimes, the opportunities to be a hero escape us, yet they are there. Perhaps it’s best summarized with this quote: “Man, we living in a time where a hero ain’t nothing but a sandwich.” A line from one of my favorite films. Benjie Johnson, the lead character, is a teenager living in an inner city during the 1960s struggling with a heroin addiction. Young Benjie, who shows academic promise, has problems at home–he struggles to understand why his father is not present. Young Benjie has esteem issues, but he hid them all too well with his “tough man” act. And Benjie went looking for the acceptance and love that he felt was not present in the home through drugs.

Benjie felt rejected by his biological father, and wondered aloud to his friend how could his stepfather, Butler, do for him what his biological one couldn’t. At one point in time, I was Benjie–though I didn’t struggle with a drug addiction, I had an addiction of another kind–it was called self hate. I could not accept myself because my biological father didn’t accept me; and as a child, all I could see was that my hero wasn’t present. Benjie found out by the end of the movie, he had a hero, a hero he rejected and never gave a chance–his stepfather. Well, it took me longer than 2 hours to figure out that I was fortunate to have a hero every step of the way. To all of us who think we don’t have the time to serve as a mentor or that we are not hero material, think again. Sometimes, all a child needs is to know that someone cares and loves him or her. So, let’s major in the major things; hug a child, love a child, share with a child, and you may save a child.

As for me, well, my list of heroes is too long for this entry, but I’d like to thank you Steve for being my Butler!

  1. nicely done. I’m sure whoever Steve is he must be a great person who has had a positive impact on your life.

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