The New Face of Black Leadership

In Uncategorized on November 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

South Carolina’s Tim Scott. Florida’s Allen West. Could it be that these newly elected Congressmen are the new face of Black Leadership. Often Black Leadership is considered monolithic, that African Americans have one charismatic leader to frame the dominating concerns of the community. Not only are they challenging the ideological traditions of African American leadership, they too were and are active in the Tea Party. Both Scott and West are the first African American Republicans to Congressmen since J.C. Watts.

In a recent interview on Fox’s Hannity addressing the Tea Party and racism, West remarked that “So I think that the — the liberal progressives saw the strength of the grassroots movement that we call the Tea Party, which stands for ‘taxed enough already’ and they tried to turn against it…And the No.1 thing that you always try to do to silence an opponent in the United States of America is to call someone a racist.”

Scott is leading up the Republican transition team, and West sees this as just a sign of change in African American leadership, where he sees a growing conservatism within the Black community. The national landscape has changed and this was determined by the results of the mid-term elections. Yet, time will tell whether this growing conservatism that West speaks of will catch on and lead a Republican revolution in 2012.


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