“…and a hundred percent reason to remember the name…”

In Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 5:36 pm

Fort Minor said it best, but I would like to borrow the line to reflect on the week that was. Politics, elections, and changes. I cannot hear that enough. Perhaps not since the Republican “take over” in 1994 has so much attention been paid to a midterm election. Theories abound, but we are not sure what will happen until November. Just last week, Mayor Adrian Fenty was fired by D.C. voters.

Just to be in D.C. the air was thick with politics and ripe for discussion. There was no better time, at least for me, to be selected as a participant of the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) mentoring program than now. I was privileged and honored to be in the presence of policy makers of all races, gender, and political orientation—for this year, unlike any other year that I can remember is contentious, thrilling, gut-wrenching, but very real. Real in the sense that frustrations are boiling over and now the streets are abuzz. Whether the talk will translate to the polls is another story.

And I must thank the members and staff of NFBPA for opening doors, but more importantly, for opening, challenging, and engaging minds as we seek ways and strategies to governing in the 21st century. So remember the name: John E. Saunders, III (NFBPA Executive Director), Yvette Harris, Jerry N. Johnson (NFBPA President), Kenyatta Uzzell, Dr. Troy Coleman, Major Riddick, Jr., Jonathan K. Allen, and so many other facilitators who have paved the way for me and those to come after. Last but not least, remember the name: Valerie Reed (NFBPA Mentor Program and Scholarship Coordinator).

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  3. I love it, and look forward to more! It was a pleasure Kesha and may it continue to be!

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