A Missing Tiger

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It shouldn’t be a secret by now, I am a Memphis State University–now University of Memphis–fan. Always have been. A dear friend of mine questions my loyalty to Mississippi, the state, and the institution that I now call home, Mississippi State University. I love maroon and white, but I will always bleed blue and gray. Go Tigers Go! Go on to Victory…Fight Tigers, Fight Cause We’re Going All the Way–Fight, Fight.

I remember the highs and lows of football and basketball seasons; remember players who many of my friends never heard of, particularly in basketball. Anthony Douglas, Tony Madlock, Billy Smith, Ernest Smith, John McLaughlin, Ben Spiva, David Vaughn, Lorenzen Wright, and let’s not forget Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway. The Tigers hold a dear place in my heart.

Sometime last year I wrote a blog describing the ups and downs David Vaughn experienced, and now his former teammate on the 1994-95 Sweet Sixteen team, Lorenzen Wright, is the subject of today’s blog. Lorenzen has been missing since July 19, where he was last seen in Collierville, TN at a barbershop.

Wright made my household very proud when he was drafted No. 7 overall in 1996 by the LA Clippers–he went on to have a journeyman, solid 13 year NBA career. For the Collierville, TN police chief “Hopefully, with all the notoriety and information, somebody will call and give us a lead that proves helpful.” Many rumors have circulated about the former Tiger’s whereabouts, but we wish nothing but the best and a safe return home to his family. Lorenzen is a Tiger for life, and he embodies the school’s fight song–“it’s fight now without a fear, fight now let’s shout a cheer” and instead of shouting for Dear Memphis U, we replace that with Lorenzen.

Click here for more on the story.

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