The Decision

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2010 at 1:31 am

Today is the day–King James makes his announcement: to stay in Cleveland or not to stay that is the burning question in this NBA’s free agency soap opera. Let’s think about the figures: on yesterday Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder re-signed for a max contract of $85 million over five years; Ray Allen re-signed with the Boston Celtics for $20 million over two years (with a player option in the second year, which means that Allen could select to walk away after next season if he so chooses); Carlos Boozer signed a five year $85 million contract with the Chicago Bulls; and oh yes, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh decided to sign with Miami, contractual terms undisclosed as of yet because everyone’s waiting on THE DECISION FROM KING JAMES.

While the free agency trains continues, a friend of mine–who, as long as I’ve known her is not one to sugar-coat or dance around any issue. She’s the friend you don’t ask whether you look fat in that snug dress because she will tell you the truth–had a rather interesting facebook status:

“Hey America…while we are paying
Athletes 100 million dollars to
Play whatever sport, we are
Closing schools, firing teachers, and treating our children and elderly like second class citizens. While we are buying tickets to sports events, let’s think about

While LeBron is making the decision–many state and local governments are making very tough decisions themselves–what programs or departments to cut and how much to cut. Mississippi state Representative Richard Bennett is very concerned about the imminent decision concerning cuts to the education system. According to Danielle Thomas of WLOX, “A South Mississippi legislator [Bennett] says he’s concerned about the fallout from school districts being forced to once again slash their budgets. On Friday Governor Haley Barbour announced a new round of cuts including $75 million in education. Representative Richard Bennett of district 120 says no one in state office wants to make cuts but the truth is the money just isn’t there and our education system will likely suffer because of it.”

My friend may have been a little over the top with her status, but she’s questioning all of our priorities. As often as I heard this as a child, it deserves repeating now, the children are the future; and many states are faced with a challenge of how best to preserve the future in the face of ever-shrinking budgets. And so in the meantime, I wait on the Decision–where will LeBron play next year??? and what will remain of education???


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