But, that Old Powerful But

In Uncategorized on March 12, 2010 at 9:12 am

Last week First Lady Michelle Obama came to Mississippi. Her visit to the Hospitality State garnered a lot of attention, both locally and nationally. While I wanted to be present for this historic visit, I was out of town. So I intently followed the events. Granted, I wished her visit would have been for more positive reasons–it turns out that for the past five years, Mississippi has been deemed the fattest state in the union. But…

The old powerful but–But, she did point to progress in creating a healthy Mississippi. She mentioned Starkville School District’s removal of deep fryers from the schools’ cafeterias. This is great. But, there’s that thing again, but, while surfing the newspapers last night, I came across a rather interesting sidenote to the Obama visit. Long time Clarion Ledger columnist Eric Stringfellow, well, his column for the paper has been axed. According to the Jackson Free Press, “Eric Stringfellow, who has worked with The Clarion-Ledger as a writer or editor since 1982, revealed today that the executive editor of the paper, Ronni Agnew, has dropped his column…Stringfellow accuses Agnew of dropping his column because he revealed that the paper had killed his column about first lady Michelle Obama’s visit to Jackson.”

What’s all this flap about? Hmmp. So I kept reading…In the axed column, Stringfellow writes “Barbour is carrying the flag in the GOP’s assault on the president’s agenda but still managed to do a day-long waltz with the First Lady as the local big shots in the president’s where pushed to the back. Barbour’s gifts, perhaps coupled with the White House’s political incompetence, made part of Obama’s show offensive.” For more on Eric Stringfellow and his dismissal from the paper, click here.

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