“Our Desire is to Cast our Net Broader”

In Uncategorized on February 24, 2010 at 12:30 am

Buried between Tiger Woods’ apology and President Obama’s $3.8 trillion dollar proposed budget and the President’s Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit, the NAACP announced its youngest Chairman of its 64 member Board in Roslyn Brock.

Brock, 44, replaces Julian Bond, 70, after he announced his retirement from the post he held for 10 years. The NAACP is looking to revive the organization, find its footing in the post-Modern Civil Rights era. With Brock as the youngest Chairman and Benjamin Todd Jealous,37, President and CEO and the youngest to hold that post, the NAACP is making it no secret that its strategy, according to Bond, “is deliberate, but it’s also fortuitous. We are lucky to have had this confluence of a young CEO and a young chair. I don’t think we plotted and planned that in 2010 the stars would align this way.” Brock, who is VP of advocacy and government relations of the Maryland based Bon Secours Health Systems, assessed that the organization must “retool our frontline.”

Brock too acknowledged that the NAACP is more than an African American organization. Many question the necessity to have such an organization considering the advancements we have made in race relations. Brock states that “we are a multiracial, multiethnic organization. So as we move into our second century, our desire is to cast our net broader. ‘People of color’ or ‘colored people’ really speaks to those who are falling through the cracks … who feel locked out.”


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