Welcome Back Shoshana?

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2010 at 12:42 am

Shoshana Johnson resurfaced last week, making her rounds on talk shows discussing and marketing her autobiography I’m Still Standing: From Captive U.S. Solider to Free Citizen–My Journey Home. Her journey home has much more implications than coming to a physical place; her journey home has much to do with finding oneself after the unexpected, whatever that may be. How do you deal with the world, which you knew as one way, now is mysteriously another?

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, Shoshana Johnson, the former Army cook, was rescued from captives in April 2003. Of her ideal, Johnson said “I was shaking. I was saying the Lord’s Prayer to myself…when someone grabbed my legs and pulled me from my shelter. And like that, I became a prisoner of war.”

Lynette Holloway of AOL Black Voices describes the book as “a riveting piece of black history that should be read for generations. It also is a compelling story of a woman’s courage to survive against all odds.”

  1. I always look forward to reading your articles. Keep up the good work!!!!

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