Well, Hello 2010!

In Uncategorized on January 5, 2010 at 1:00 pm

2009 ended as it began: with many questions. Particularly at the national level, many wondered whether President Obama and his administration could turn the dire economic conditions around? Would there be a global victory against the war on terror? How can America regain its confidence in the future? What about the pending congressional elections? More questions…

At the state level, the Mississippi legislature convened today: where would these budget cuts come from? How can we make up for such a decline in revenue? What are the fates of the states three HBCUs, the fates of the Mississippi University for Women, and the state’s community college system? Even more questions…

Even in professional sports: would the Colts rest their starters even if they had the possibility of completing the regular season undefeated? What is going to happen to Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton? Do we really think Boise State could go undefeated again? And Tiger???

The start of a new decade and we still have unfinished business from the old one. My college strength training and conditioning coach would always tell me that all shots are not going to go in, but true character is measured with your will and determination to get in position and to get off the floor quicker than your opponent for that rebound. How will America rebound? How will Gilbert rebound? How will Mississippi rebound from its significant challenges?

These challenges are daunting, but with these challenges come opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are obvious, sometimes not so much. But just as my old coach said, character will be determined in the end.


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