The Making of a Champion

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Marneshia shoots over LSU's Erica White. Courtesy of

Balancing athletics and academics is no simple task. Becoming a Rhodes Scholar in the process, hmmp…but Myron Rolle took on that challenge, and won. When you come from one of the poorest counties in the state of Mississippi; when you play basketball at a small high school, perhaps you hope to get a scholarship just to ride the bench (at least I did). But for Marneshia Richard, senior guard of the Mississippi State women’s basketball team, receiving a scholarship to just sit on the bench was not an option–she worked hard to achieve on the court, to become a starter in the SEC, she has a can-do attitude, and an uncanny knack for motivating others. Did I mention that she also received a degree in civil engineering??? And is now working on a master’s degree! She may not be a Rhodes Scholar, but she’s the epitome of student-athlete, and she’s not alone.

We cheer for them on the court or field, and although we know they are student-athletes, we may not hear about classroom performance until eligibility is in question, and then we fans become overly concerned. So for the Myron Rolle’s and Marneshia Richard’s of the world, this is to you. We appreciate your dedication and pursuit for excellence both on and off the court. We appreciate the memorable moments on the court, and appreciate the effort that is required to be more than that game winning shot on the court. You are a champion in every sense of the word.

Personal note: After sitting out last season with a knee injury, Richard came back stronger and faster, and now another season ending injury. I’m not sure if Richard will apply for a medical redshirt, however, I do know that she is a champion–an individual who looks for and finds the silver lining in that proverbial cloud. And it is because of this attitude along with her dedication and work ethic that Richard will be successful in any arena of life.

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