Returning to Ordinary

In Uncategorized on September 10, 2009 at 6:00 am

Eight years ago today, I was rushing to classes, basketball practice, thinking about how far behind I was in my class work, and preparing to call my toddler cousin to wish him a happy, happy, birthday. Life was wonderful; the world was at my fingertips. That Monday was the beginning of a long week, but that Tuesday was the beginning of a new America.

Late that Monday night, I stayed up to write a reaction paper for my American Foreign Policy class–only to awake Tuesday morning feeling terrible (allergy season). That Tuesday was rather cold in Jackson; very early that morning I walked to my professor’s office, dropped the paper off, and returned to bed, while my roommate (who was also on the basketball team) went to pre-dawn practice. Yet, when I awoke after my roommate’s return from practice, I awoke to a very different America. September 11, 2001, just another day, yet this ordinary day led to Homeland Security, wiretaps, wars, let’s not forget, loss of lives for those who went about that day in a very ordinary way.

9/11. Eight years ago tomorrow. I continue to remember my steps of the day before and after. Life for those who lost loved ones will never be the same, but life for us all was forever changed. But on this day, I still battle with my allergies, still wonder how I will ever catch up with school work, and yes, I can’t wait to wish my not-so toddler cousin a wonderful birthday.


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