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The grass is crisp, the tents are set up, and hearts await–kickoff is almost here. Mississippi State is buzzing–new coach, new uniforms, high hopes. But Mississippi State University was very excited a few days ago–a football recruit made some dazzling moves, made a thundering tackle, one that caused many to jump to their feet.

No matter how big or small; no matter how strong or tall; if someone’s waving a gun around, that becomes the “equalizer.” This “equalizer” is especially dangerous when the person waving it has little to no experience using a gun and is extremely disturbed for one reason or another. With all of that in mind, 6’4″, 255 pound Yazoo County High School football star Kaleb Eulls saw this as an opportunity to save others, even in the face of seriously injuring himself.

Kaleb, his sisters, cousins, and many other children, from 5-18 years of age were on the school bus going home from school. Just another day, or so they all thought. This average day turned into a day where many lives were forever changed, for the good and potentially for the worse. A 14 year old girl turned this average day into chaos, by standing on the bus and brandishing a semiautomatic weapon. But for Kaleb, he took this opportunity to reclaim some normalcy and save other’s lives by tackling the girl and taking the gun from her possession. Heroic.

I find myself wondering how did a 14 year old come to possess a weapon as this. Her life, just as Kaleb’s has been changed. Whether she was bullied or picked on, she became consumed by this; she chose a path that frightened many, but a path that also cross with Kaleb’s. In an interview with Chris Joyner of the Clarion Ledger, Kaleb said he “thought about all the lives that were in danger.” But for me, I think about one word: Courage.

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories on different issues. I think is about time that someone can speak or write about a certain ethnicity and they are actually of that race.

    Continue to inspire and enlighten

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