Memphis on my Mind

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Growing up very close to Memphis, I became more of a Memphis State aka University of Memphis fan than either Ole Miss, Mississippi State, or Southern Mississippi. I was more attuned to the Memphis news because all of our local news originated from Memphis. As a Mississippian, I’m almost ashamed to say that I know a bit more about Memphis or Tennessee politics than my home state’s.

I must admit, my blood is a mixture of maroon, white, and blue (and purple for Millsaps, too). As for Memphis, the city is trying to weather the negative publicity train–with the University of Memphis basketball team being stripped of its most wins in a season ever, another Final Four banner (1985 Final Four was stripped too for violations under former coach Dana Kirk), for a 2007 academic scandal under former coach John Calipari; to the overall administration of the city. It looks like former mayor Willie Herenton will not run for the seat that was open because of his resignation. Nonetheless, it has become chaotic, with a who’s who list of candidates running for the vacant position, most notably among them including the “King” himself, not Elvis, but former professional wrestler Jerry Lawler. The August 27 mayoral debate panel reminded me of Jackson, Mississippi’s panel from earlier this year. In both cities there were/are many vying for one position, to become leader of a city with so much potential that’s riddle with high crime rates and a poor image.

With Mayor Harvey Johnson back on board in Jackson, who will take the lead in Memphis? Who will right the ship? The road to the special election in October will be an eventful one, but I hope one that will engage minds, bring a unique perspective on the future of governing in Memphis, and perhaps above all, bring forth a visionary.

To read more on the August 27 debate, click here.

August 27 Debate Participants

Charles Carpenter
Carol Chumney
Wanda Halbert
Johnny Hatcher, Jr.
Robert Hodges
Jerry Lawler
Myron Lowery
Sharon Webb
Kenneth Whalum, Jr.
A C Wharton

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