Changes on the Frontlines

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2009 at 7:45 am

In departing from my traditional blogs, I came across an article in August 15 NYTIMES that is deserving of a post. Since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, more and more women have entered a once forbidden territory: the front lines. As the article points out, “women are barred from joining combat branches like the infrantry, armor, Special Forces…Yet, over and over, in Iraq and Afghanistan, Army commanders have resorted to bureaucratic trickery when they needed more soldiers for crucial jobs…” The change has come relatively quietly–there was no big social movement, but crisis, as history has proven with WWII, allowed women to move into jobs and roles that were once closed to them. War tactics are ever-changing, you never know where the front line is, and because of that a change in not only military, but social policy.


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