The Beginning Again

In Uncategorized on August 10, 2009 at 6:00 am

There are many significant challenges for America’s first African American President. And many are heavily examining his first 200 days in office–progress made on stemming the credit/financial crisis, getting people back to work. But on yesterday, as I attended a friend’s wedding, I realized something–there are fewer and fewer African Americans marrying. According to a December 2008 Washington Post article, since 1965 “the black family has unraveled in ways that have little parallel in human cultures.” A 2007 article in the Middletown Journal reported that 70 percent of African American women don’t live with a spouse and approximately 52 percent of African American women will marry by the age of 30 (Click here to read more). And to look on the Obamas becomes ever-so refreshing. Today, there are roughly some 70 percent of African American children born out of wedlock, and half of those are born into poverty. There are significant political and social ramifications, one in which more children are born into worse socioeconomic conditions than their parents.

Perhaps the greatest civil rights issue facing my generation is getting many African Americans to marry, better yet how to sustain a healthy, prosperous relationship afterwards. Yesterday was a momentous occasion for my friends, one that defies the odds, but one that has begun a new trend.


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